Your brand is your signature, your style, your suit. We ensure that every corner of your brand exemplifies the best of your business. No bluffing.


Brand Strategy

Strategic modules help set goals, unearth insights, generate ideas, understand competition and empower you with tools.

Strategy Modules:

→ Discovery

→ Brand Personas 

→ Customer Personas 

→ Competitive Analysis & Positioning


Art Direction

We develop a number of curated moodboards called “stylescapes” based on strategic findings in order to determine the general look and feel of your brand and create visual context for the project.


→ Determine look and feel for the brand by selecting a single stylescape


Logo : Divergence

During the divergence phase, we explore various concepts, themes and ideas built upon insights from the art direction and brand strategy phases. Multiple iterations are rendered for each concept.


→ Choose a concept to further explore


Logo : Convergence

During the convergence phase, ideas come to form as we continue to develop variations of the direction chosen in the previous phase. A single logo variation is chosen for refinement.


→ Choose a logo variation for refinement


Logo : Refinement

Here we address any feedback from the previous phase and perform final refinements to the chosen logo direction. Due diligence is performed to ensure the integrity of the logo.


→ Final sign-off on logo


Brand Development

Through the development of example collateral, (e.g. business cards, letterhead, apparel, etc.) we will apply and further develop the brand's art direction to form a cohesive vision of your brand's visual identity.


→ Develop a comprehensive vision of the visual identity



A final assets package comprised of various file formats, lockups and color variations (e.g. web, print, one- color, inverted etc.) is neatly composed and delivered for posterity.


→ Package and deliver assets

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