Huddle up! Every great client relationship is designed around quality communication and collaboration. Teamwork isn’t just a buzzword here. It’s our winning play.



What, our first draft wasn’t perfect? OK, we can make changes, but let’s set some ground rules first!

A revision constitutes a change to a presented or in-progress deliverable. Each phase of a project will have a predetermined amount of revisions defined in the scope of work that can be used at your discretion, within reason. Unused revisions cannot be saved or transferred for use in a future phase of a project.



There are only 2 jobs in this world — email and everything else.

Communication is a crucial part of any project and is the best way to align everyone’s expectations. We'll define a mutually acceptable window of time to expect communication to help plan the project. Client-side communication is one of the most common reasons for a project delay. Stay in touch throughout the process and we’ll help you cross the finish line faster than you can say “helvetica neue bold!”



Talk is cheap, but good feedback is priceless!

We’ll provide you with a cheat sheet of what type of feedback we’re expecting at each stage. We politely ask that feedback from all stakeholders is consolidated and delivered in its entirety within the timeframe specified in our agreement. Feedback works best if it’s descriptive, not prescriptive (excepting errors, of course). Remember, you hired us for a reason. And if something isn’t working, tell us right away! If we didn’t have thick skin, we wouldn’t be in the creative business.


Deadlines & Delays

We love deadlines. We love meeting them. Seriously.

Deadlines are a shared responsibility and must be worked toward by both parties in tandem. Client-side delays are often the biggest threat to a deadline and affect timeline, scope and budget which neither parties want. That’s why establishing realistic deadlines and expectations is so important for a successful project! A project timeline is developed to keep all parties accountable to a schedule.



Bom Bom makes magic but we’re not telepathic (yet).

Discovery is the first step in every project and begins on our very first call. We’ll gather information about your needs, and together, we’ll determine if Bom Bom is a good fit for you. If the answer is yes, we’ll use our understanding of your needs to craft a proposal, scope and agreement. We’ll continue asking questions throughout our engagement to make sure we have all the information we need to prepare for a successful project.

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