We can’t see the future, but we can prep for it. We believe luck is in the pocket of good planning, so our strategy solutions are designed for forward thinking.



In these initial meetings, we conduct in-depth yet conversational interviews to gather information about your business's background, goals, competitors and more.


→ Gather relevant information

→ Define project goals

→ Build relationship with stakeholders


Brand Personality

Our brand personality exercise empowers you to express thoughts and ideas about your brand without complexity and friction. Our goal is to gain insight into key aspects of your brand’s unique personality.


→ Define attributes that will aid in art direction and messaging


Competitive Analysis

Bom Bom will analyze the overall message, service offerings, marketing initiatives and visual identity of your key competitors in order to help us better understand where to visually position you in your market.


→ Compile and analyze competitors

→ Develop positioning for visuals and messaging


Audience Personas

Building personas of existing and prospective customers helps us anticipate your audience’s needs and generate new insights into how your business can meet them.


→ Better understand your audience

→ Map solutions to their needs


Core Values

Core values tell the world what your brand stands for. They're a meaningful tool to help make decisions, measure behaviors and create initiatives. From the information gathered, we'll identify 3-6 core values and generate ideas on how to bolster them.


→ Define core values & create intention for culture



Information and insights gathered throughout this process are collected in a comprehensive document that will serve as the basis for branding decisions for the foreseeable future.


→ Synthesize insights from various modules

→ Generate a vector for your visual identity

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