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Initial concepts are drafted and presented in paragraph format along with moodboards to help illustrate our proposed ideas.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ Concept direction

→ Video type

→ Voiceover or No Voiceover



During the scripting phase, Bom Bom will further develop the chosen concept into a script that can be paired with a visual description of each scene/element in the video.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ Info and content gathering

→ Generate a vector for your visual identity


Art Direction

During the art direction phase, Bom Bom will develop styleframes based on the chosen concept. These designs will be used to flesh out the animatic.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ Visual elements

→ Stylistic choices



Using elements developed during the art direction phase, Bom Bom will connect the audio and visual components of your video to provide you with a glimpse into the final product.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ VO + music options

→ Pacing

→ Review on screen copy


Rough Cut 01

Depending on the media used, the first rough cut provides a presentation of: rough editing of footage with placeholder graphics; rough animations; or preview renderings created from 3D software.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ Pacing

→ Animation feedback

→ VO & music review if needed


Rough Cut 02

For the second cut, we incorporate feedback from the first rough cut and the video is further refined, e.g. designed elements are added, refining animation, applying lighting and texturing to 3D elements etc.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ Visual elements (correctly displayed logos, veracity of textures and colors, etc.)

→ Audio mix


Rough Cut 03

Here's where we cross our Ts and dot our I’s! We incorporate all the elements and add any final details. All color grade, audio mix, sound effects and any other visual elements are finalized at this stage.

Reviewed at this stage:

→ On-screen copy

→ Final inquiries or necessary adjustments


Final Delivery

Let's put our feet up and pop the champagne, 'cause we are done! The final assets will be shared with the client through a cloud storage link. Enjoy your brand new video!

Reviewed at this stage:

→ How awesome it was to work together!

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