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Feliz Productions

Production Company Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Socrates famously said, “Know thyself,” but a few seconds later, he added, “and know thy business just as well.” Feliz Productions hired Bom Bom to reveal business insights and to build a visual identity that would communicate Feliz’ unique philosophy and approach to video production.
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Design
Website Development
Feliz logo with decorative dooles
Brand Strategy & Visual Identity
Valuable insights from Bom Bom's various brand strategy modules helped to define Feliz's business goals and identify their core services, customers, unique personality and competitive edge. The visual solution marries Feliz's creative and playful personality with their strategic and technical service offerings.
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Feliz's website was built with clarity in mind. Who is Feliz? What to they do? How can they help? These questions needed to be answered in a manner consistent with Feliz's unique personality. The website's CMS was designed and integrated to empower Feliz to maintain the website themselves. Subtle interactions like allowing users to drag the "doodles" around each page add elements of surprise and delight to the user's experience.
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Client Testimonial
“Bom Bom's process was thorough, patient, fun, intuitive, with smart structure and facilitation. It provides lots of valuable business insight beyond simply prepping for a visual design project. And of course Adam + Ricky are great to work with, easy to talk to.” — Josh Carrigan, Founder